First Name Alex
Last Name Sandri
Username * withego
Country Thailand
City Bangkok
Nationality Italian
Languages EnglishFrenchGermanItalianJapaneseThai


Availability: Freelance


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Former Fashion Photographer, as a freelance 3D Maya and Mental Ray artist and tutor my main area of expertise is focused on the Lighting, Texturing and Rendering process to output 3D Architectural Visualizations for the Real Estate sector. Specialized in testing and debugging the Mental Ray render engine to help the Maya green users to overcome the bugs and flaws, caused by the poor Mental Ray integration in Maya.

3D areas of expertise:

• Maya Architectural Visualizations.
• Maya and Mental Ray Rendering.
• Maya Poly, Nurbs and Subd Modeling.
• Maya Texturing and Lighting.
• Maya Paint Effects.
• Maya Dynamics.
• Maya Fur and Cloth simulations.
• Maya and Vue 6 Infinite.


Current Position Artist;Designer;Editing, Film, Video, Digital;Educator / Instructor;Lighter;Modeller;QA / Tester;Renderer;Service / Support
Areas of Expertise AdvertistingAerospaceAircraftArchitectureAutomotiveDefence Equipment ManufacturingEducational ServicesGraphic DesignHardware ElectronicIndustrial DesignInterior DesignLandscape DesignMedical and DiagnosticMotion Picture or VideoPost ProductionPre ProductionPublishing InternetScientific R&DTeleproductionTelevisonVFXWeb Design
Preferred Tools • Maya Architectural Visualizations.• Maya & Mental Ray Rendering.• Maya PolyNurbs & Subd Modeling.• Maya Texturing & Lighting.• Maya Paint Effects.• Maya Dynamics.• Maya Fur & Cloth simulations.• Maya & Vue 6 Infinitefor the creationof 3D natural enviroments.